LENT Bible Plan – Day 9

Day 9 – Matthew 4:1-11
by Jason

Today, think about the 3 ways that Satan tempted Jesus during his time in the desert. Each time he used logic, fear and even Jesus’ own purpose to tempt him into straying from his path.

The first temptation was to break his fast. It was to attack an action Jesus had made and the enemy used the knowledge of Jesus’ power to give Him a way out when He was at His weakest. But if Jesus had turned a stone to bread, He knew that the time He had spent in the desert would have been wasted. He kept one eye on the consequences of His actions. Even in the other two temptations, which we will look at over the rest of the week.

Are you really being tempted at the moment to do something that you KNOW you really shouldn’t? Think about the consequences. Does that help with your decision?