At Fishers Creek we practice worship in many ways, and worshipping God with our money is another way.  We believe that all things belong to God, and that we are just stewards of these things.

We have a collection during worship every Sunday, but if you would like to give via Bank-Giro or Swish, these are the details.

Bank Giro Number: 5880-8908
Label: Fishers Creek Tithing/Giving


Swish Number: 123 268 41 32
Be sure to label it
“Fishers Creek Tithing/Giving”

Our finances are supported by the administration of our parent church, Fiskebäck Missionskyrka (FMK), and this is their bank-giro number.  Please remember to label your offering ‘Fishers Creek’ in some way, so that FMK knows where to put the money.

If you are visiting Fishers Creek, please do not feel any pressure to give.   Our worship service is just a gift to you.

Loving God, Loving People