About Us

Our fellowship is open to and includes people from a wide spectrum of nations and traditions who want to know more about Christian life or want to worship with other Christians. Our Church and sermons affirm and cover the core beliefs of the Christian faith.

Fishers Creek was started by a group of English Speaking Expatriates, Students, and Local Residents who wanted a place to worship God where the Christian fellowship was rich, the teaching was relevant, and the worship was real.

In 2004, we began a search to find a growing, local Swedish church to partner with. We believe that Fiskebäcks Missionskyrka is the perfect fit for our Vision. We are extremely thankful to have found a church that has lovingly opened their doors and hearts to us.

Fiskebäcks MIssionskyrka was growing by leaps and bounds and had just finished building their new, and much larger, Church. That meant that we were able to move into their smaller Church and begin services right away.

We may meet at separate locations and worship in different languages, but we are an integral part of Fiskebäcks Missionkyra and they make us feel that way whenever we worship with them.

We have a full Sunday School Program for kids of all ages with a dedicated teaching staff following programs and activities relevant to the childrens respective ages. Sunday School is held during the Church Service.

We also have quite a few Bible Study Groups and Small Groups during the week for all ages and stages of belief and a great Youth program for teens.

Our Sunday Service is a formal church service given in English. We have inspirational, contemporary Christian music each Sunday using multi-media technology as well as live music of all sorts. All teaching is done under the authority of our head pastor, Gustaf Björkman.

After the service we gather together with the children for refreshments and a time to chat and fellowship.

Loving God, Loving People