LENT Bible Plan – Day 10

Day 10 – Matthew 4:1-11
by Jason

The second temptation was a direct threat on Jesus’ life, but also on His humanity, and Satan even uses scripture in order to back up His reasons for wanting Jesus to jump off the building.

In a recent Youth Group discussion we looked at how Satan mixes lies in with truth in order to bring us down, lower our self-worth. Here he is doing the same to Jesus to make Him test God. Jesus’ response was a testament to how well He also knew the scriptures and how to respond to them in the right context.

It is important when being tempted to weigh up God’s Word properly with the situation and really look at the big picture. Are you trying to twist the Bibles Words in order to justify your actions? It is something that people do, even Christians before they are again at Jesus’ feet asking for grace.

God’s strength is ALWAYS strong enough for you to resist any temptations you might be going through, and even though His grace is there when we mess up and come back to Him, wouldn’t it great if we could all learn to not mess up to begin with?