LENT Bible Plan – Day 11

Day 11 – Matthew 4:1-11/James 1:19
by Jason

Here, the 3rd temptation was in direct relation to the purpose that Jesus knew He lived for. He knew He would be King over all the lands, that He would be ruler of the lands, but not in the way that Satan used in this instance. Satan was offereing Jesus worldly glory and power, not the heavenly glory and power He came to show.

Again, Jesus, who was weary and vulnerable never took His eyes off of God, and could resist the test that Satan used to make His job easier. Jesus’ journey to glory and to giving salvation to us all was through the hardest way and there were no shortcuts… there never was a temptation there to bow to Satan.

This was all at the start when Jesus knew his purpose but was on the road to really accepting it for himself. He was at a vulnerable place, but there was never a hint that Jesus would give in. He knew who He was and He knew why He was there. He knew the Word to support Him. As James put’s it, He was ‘Quick to Listen, and Slow to speak’.

That’s a place I strive to be in, and a place I am on a journey to. Are you, too, on that journey?