LENT Bible Plan 8

Day 8  – Matthew 4:1-11
by Jason

Today I want to focus on a slightly deeper point about this passage and a parallel it has to other parts of the bible.

Moses, back in the book of Exodus, when freeing the Israelites from Israel, took them through the Red Sea, and into 40 years in a desert in order to prepare them for Jerusalem. It was freedom, followed by preparation, then a life lived for God.

The same happens in this weeks passage. Jesus is baptised, which signifies a freedom, (especially in our own baptisms), followed by 40 days in the desert then a life sacrificed to God for us all. The parallels are uncanny, but what does this mean? It means that to live a life for God, we have to be prepared to drop things, turn away from things that distract us, or could lead us away from God. Be in a place that will test us, so that we know when it matters we can withstand any temptation. Is this a time for you to do the same? Spend some time with God today asking Him to show you how to go deeper with Him. Only He can show you personally.