LENT Bible Plan – Day 36

Day 36 – Matthew 6:1-4
by Jason

What rewards in heaven are these? Well they could be both in heaven and on earth but this whole idea feels hard to get our head around. If we do things on earth without even a thought of getting a reward, then we can expect to get a reward, but if we do something asking for a reward, then we may get it, but that’s all we get.

This isn’t the only time that we see this in the Bible. Jesus talks about this kind of thing when we says that the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first in heaven (Matt 20:16). He says that to save life, we need to give up life for Him (Matt 16:25).

I think what Jesus is getting at here is that we need to let go of everything. Forget about fame and fortune and being centre of attention, that will make us self centered, give us hardened hearts and will make us closed off to anything Jesus can do in us. Instead, worry about other people and loving them, helping them. The reward on earth will come in the form of a transformed character, the reward in heaven is something we’ll have to look forward to.