LENT Bible Plan – Day 37

Day 37 – Matthew 6:1-4, Matthew 6:33
by Jason

The additional verse today reminds me about what we saw last year when we looked more closely at Solomon and his big start as the King of Israel. When God offered him whatever he wanted, either power or wealth, he asked for wisdom, and got given the others as well. You see, the wisdom that he asked for helped Solomon know how to use that power and wealth wisely, so that Solomon ended up being one of the greatest Kings of the time. He was a business man and a leader. A little like some of the leaders today but without the hypocrisy and lies.

‘Seeking first the kingdom’, waiting for the rewards He has for us might be the hard thing to do, but like Solomon, I believe we will know how to use the things we want in the proper way and not abuse them. We will be trusted with more if we understand how to use the little.