LENT Bible Plan – Day 35

Day 35 – Matthew 6:1-4
by Jason

The passage this week is a moment from the sermon of the mount. There has been a lot of focus on this day recently. It was where Jesus fed the 5000, that night was when Jesus walked on water and calmed a storm. It was a busy day for Jesus.

Straight after Jesus gave the sermon on the mount, and said these words, He went and did exactly that. He went to a quiet place, found peace with God and prayed to God words that will always and forever only be between Him and His father.

If you took 10 minutes today, to say something to God that you knew only He would hear. What would they be? That is the case every time you pray. It is just between you and God. Take that 10 minutes today and tell God things you know only He will hear.