LENT Bible Plan – Day 33

Day 33 – Matthew 6:1-4
by Jason

Isn’t social media just amazing. I have the power to post all the pictures I want of my food, my accomplishments, my pets (when I visit my parents), my high scores, my moments that I think are hilarious and I think that others will to so I’m sure by posting the moment I will be able to spread the joy.

I can also show people how amazing I can be sometimes. How I gave so much money to charity, how I ran a marathon and supported 28 Too Many, how I go out for time with God, the many other things I do which I never thought I ever would.

I agree with what Annie said (not only cos she’s my wife and I have to) last week when she said that it s natural to boast. Of course it is. I want to challenge you this week that not everything needs to be shared with the world. Somethings can be kept, just for you.