Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 3

John 1:9-12

(by Jason)

My thoughts for today also include verses 5 – 8 too, and follows directly on from yesterdays verses. Here we see Jesus being referred to as ‘the Light’, and how darkness has not overcome the light, and actually darkness can never overcome light.

On Monday night, we had a power cut for an hour, and we got out all of our candles, and started to rely on non-electric light. The first feeling was shock and a little bit of fear (it was really dark), but then, as our eyes adjusted, we could still see things. Light reflects off anything and everything, and the only place that there is darkness is where things are shielding the light.

But nothing can extinguish the light that Jesus puts in us. It is always there, inside, even when we might feel alone sometimes, and in darkness in others, we need to remember that the light will always be there, the question is, how bright will we let it shine?