Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 2

John 1:1-4

(by Jason)

Those of you who have read all the gospels will realise there are big differences between Matthew/Mark/Luke and John. The first 3 give the story, (Mark is very to the point, Matthew and Luke gives more detail). John gives more explanation and meaning to these narrations. He starts with ‘In the beginning…’ Any guess to the only other time that is mentioned in the Bible? (Hint: It’s at the start…).

It is a clear link to the fact that Jesus was there in the beginning and was in God’s plans all along. The Greek word used here was ‘logos’, which means the spoken word, but to the Jews it meant ‘the word of God’. Jesus is more than just the words we read in the Bible, but someone who is alive with us today, and always has been since the beginning of time.

Today, focus on verse 4, and how John is showing us that only through Jesus we can find life, but it’s not only for us personally, but for all of mankind. It is Jesus’ gift to us, and it is for eternity.