Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 4

Jeremiah 33:14-15

(by Jason)

Today is our first Old Testament text for our preparation for Christmas. As I mentioned in my last few talks, we can see Jesus all through the Old Testament, and here is one of the promises of the coming of the Messiah, the arrival of the one who will solve the biggest problem mankind has.

‘The days are coming … when I will fulfill the good promise I made…’ says the Lord. Have you ever made a promise that you didn’t fulfill straight away, but you know you will still do what you said? God was promising Jesus’ arrival for long time (in the eyes of Israel), but fulfilled when the time was right. Only He knew when it would be.

Are you waiting on a promise that hasn’t been fulfilled yet? Are you still waiting on unanswered prayers? Don’t give up, but keep expecting, and keep persisting in prayers. God fulfills His promises, and has a big reason for when He does, and we only see it when it happens. Jesus was the fulfillment of many of God’s promises, so today and this Christmas we can be reminded of that, and look forwards to those prayers still being answered.