Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 24

Luke 2:8-21

(by Annie)

Are you all excited about Christmas?? I am, although it sucks a little spending Christmas in England this year, having to wait another day… I am quite impatient (Jason would probably say that I’m the most impatient person the world has ever seen!)so I’m very happy I wasn’t living in Israel around this time because in Israel the people had been waiting for the Messiah to come and save them from oppression for a few hundred years. If they weren’t patient before, they would have learnt it by now!

And then the night suddenly comes, when Jesus is born and the angel goes off to see the shepherd’s to tell them about the good news, their patience has finally paid off, Jesus was born! It’s amazing the shepherds are the first ones to hear the news because being a shepherd wasn’t a very good job and shepherds in general were people not to be trusted. But God sees past that, and Jesus ministry starts as it means to go on, with a focus on the people that no one else sees.

Maybe you feel like one of those people, maybe you too feel like your not trusted or like you at times are being ignored by family members or friends? If that’s you, know that Jesus will always see you, he will never ignore you or think that you are not good enough for the job.