Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 25

Merry Christmas!

(by Jason)

Unto us a Son is given! Christ is born! Today I have purposely not given a verse to read. Christmas day, despite it being time off can be full of seeing family, helping cook and prepare food, watching the Queen’s speech (if you are in the UK), and opening presents.
When you get a moment today though, spent just a minute to thank God for Jesus, for who He is, and what He came to do. Think over a some of the memorable verses from the last 3 weeks, which ones stuck out to you most?
Last of all, on behalf of the Youth team, (myself, Annie, Magnus, Astrid and Rouslan), we wish you a very merry Christmas! The devotionals do not end here, we will carry on until New Years Eve, as we look forwards to what the new year may bring.