Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 23

Matthew 1:20-21/John 14:27

(By Jason)
One thing I see when I look at todays verses is how quickly Joseph started to panic when Mary told him about her visit from the Angel Gabriel. Joseph was a good man, law abiding and like many others, always wanted to do the right thing (in this culture, that would have been a very public ‘divorce’). Anyone in Mary’s position (being pregnant before the wedding) will have brought shame on both families.
But a visit from the angel brought peace to a possibly very stressful situation. It is the world that brings stress, uncertainty and fear, but God is constantly interested in peace. Hopefully for all of you, the school work has stopped and the celebrations may have started. If you have some time, take some time to pray and give God any worries you still might have, and receive his peace. At the end of it all, we really have nothing to fear.