Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 19

Hebrews 12:1-2

(By Magnus)

We are not alone! In chapter 11, the author is counting a number of examples from the Bible when people have walked in faith and set an example. Now he turns to us and asks us to do the same. To give away, all that stands in the way and run the race so that we might set an example for others.

The most important is to have our focus on Jesus. He’s the author and perfecter (He lived the perfect life after all) of our faith. And what an example He is. He accepted that He had to be crucified for you and me, to be able to pour his love over you and save you. Think today about what stands in your way to walk in faith? Which are your distractions? We as leaders are here to help and support you in the race. Don’t hesitate to ask if there is something you would like to talk about.