Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 18

Luke 2:10-14

(by Jason)

So, an angel has just appeared to the shepherds to give them a message; a Savior has been born in Bethlehem. The sign will be that the baby is lying in a manger, wrapped in cloths. That doesn’t really seem like a clear sign to me, but lets look closer. Bethlehem sheep were special, they were set apart for sacrifices in the Jerusalem temple, and therefore they had to be perfect. To make sure the lambs didn’t break their legs when they were born, the shepherds wrapped their legs in cloth and laid them in a manger.

It was hugely important that the shepherds were the first people present after Jesus was born, as they would see the relevance and know that Jesus was set apart for the ultimate sacrifice. In the same way, as we saw a few days ago, God spoke to the Magi in a way that was relevant to them.

The great thing when God gives us direction is that it speaks to us personally. God wants personal relationship with us so maybe take some time today to listen to God, and ask Him what He might want to say to you.