Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 17

Psalm 16:11

(By Jason)

Have you ever wondered how your life will turn out? Where you will spend your older years? Many of you might think that I am already in my older years. I am not (at least not until next week), but even now I did not expect any of where I am now even, 4 years ago. I have been a Christian nearly 9 years. It might be quite odd to read that God makes known to us our paths.

But maybe He doesn’t tell all at once. Each step I took to get here, I had to seek God for the next step, and trust that He has that path set out for me. Wherever we read in the Bible, we know that God is good, that joy comes from Him. (Remember Joy and happiness are different), and that God is all about the big picture.

Lastly, think on the last line today, and what eternal pleasures God has for us. In Ecclesiastes (3:11), we read that God has set eternity in the human heart, even though we cannot imagine what it will be like, God’s ultimate plan was for eternity, so without a doubt, there must a be a heaven where we will enjoy these eternal pleasures. And we can get there all because of Jesus.