Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 16

Nehemiah 8:10

(By Jason)

We have come to the half way point now, and life must be starting to get a little exciting now, a few days before school ends, assignments will handed in and we look forwards to our celebrations.

One thing I notice about today’s text is that Nehemiah is telling them to go and enjoy good food and sweet drinks (can’t get any sweeter than Julmust) but to also send some to those who have nothing prepared. As we look forward to our own celebrations, think about what you also might be able to do for those you know who are less fortunate than you, or are having a hard time this Christmas. Write down a list, and pray for them, but also see if there is something you can do.

There are many homeless in Gothenburg this year, and even though there might be corruption in that, the people on the streets still have needs, even buying them a hot drink can go along way. Maybe in 2015 we can do something as a youth group to help those in need, and I’d love to hear your ideas.