Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 20

Isaiah 9:6/Zephaniah 3:14-15

(by Jason)

Today we have two prophetic verses talking about who this Messiah will be, and we see how many names Jesus had, even before He was born. Some of these names you have heard before, but some we may never have really thought about. Jesus takes on many roles in his being; counselor, prince, King…

Sometimes when we look at the kings and rulers of today it is hard to identify Jesus in these positions for many reasons. But Jesus came to be the King to rule all kings, the one who did it all right, the counselor who can fully empathise with us, the prince who can bring full peace to us.

What names do you have for God? Who do you recognise Him as? Some people only call him Father, some call him Daddy. I call him Father God, and I refer to Jesus as simply Jesus, despite in my heart He is my Lord. As our relationship with Him deepens, it gets easier to call Him all the names He likes to be called. Either way, when you pray, call Him what feels personal to you, and you’ll see your relationship go deeper even further.