Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 13

John 12:35-36

(by Annie)

The gospel of John isn’t exactly known for being easy to understand (if you want that, read Mark’s gospel), but rather for what seems like a conscious attempt to be cryptic and difficult to understand.   Today’s reading is quite typical of John in that sense!

The central word for this passage is ’light’; Jesus tells the people that the light will only be with them a little longer and to keep walking while the light is with them, because whoever walks in darkness doesn’t know where they’re going. Jesus then tells the people to believe in the light because that’s how you become children of light. But what is this light and why is it so important? The light in this passage is a symbol for Jesus. Jesus is the one who will soon be going away (this was when Jesus was talking about His crucifixion and resurrection), and it’s with him we can find our way around, without him we are lost. And if we believe in Jesus, we can become children of God. Pretty amazing! Lets take some time to thank Jesus for bring our light, and for always being stronger than the darkness, however dark it might be.