Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 14

Matthew 2:1-12

(by Jason)

When you read today’s passages, you might realise there is a bit of a difference between the Christmas story we knew when we were young and what is written here. We are used to thinking that it was 3 kings who also followed the star to find Jesus, but it was actually a number of Magi, or wise-men as we know the, better. They were star-gazers, not like the astrologers we have today, but people who were also waiting for the Messiah to come.

As we looked at on Wednesday at Youth Group, like the shepherds they knew what to look for. They knew the sign posts to the real Messiah, the real king of God’s people, Jesus. But what sign posts do we need to look out for today to find Jesus. The shepherds and the wise men had a star, that shone brighter than all the others which led them to Jesus. They let the light show them the way.

As Annie pointed out yesterday, the light still points us to Jesus today, but it is a different type of light. Have a think about what kind of things might be considered a ‘light’ in 2014. What things point us to Jesus? Use the indexes in the backs of your Bibles to help you see where else the Bible talks about light.