Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 12

Zephaniah 3:17

(by Annie)

This verse is probably one of my favourite verses in the whole bible. It tells us so many amazing things; God wants to be so close to you that next to you simply isn’t close enough. So God decided to moved inside of you. And he is delighting in you, even if you are struggling to see any positives with yourself, like we were talking about a couple of days ago, God does not struggle with that, when he sees you he likes what he’s seeing, it makes him happy, he delights in you!

The bible even adds that God will rejoice over you with singing, that’s how pleased he is with you, that’s how much he loves you and wants to be close to you! The verse just before tells us not to let our hands sink in hopelessness, and how could we, when we have a God that loves so much?