HOLY WEEK DAY 40- Mark 1:1-11                                                                                                        by Jazmine Higgins

Congratulations everyone it’s Palm Sunday which means it’s almost easter!!

Palm Sunday is the day Jesus came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey as crowds of people stood by the side of the road laying down palm branches or clothing, shouting “HOSANNA” (Save!) people exclaimed this because they recognized that Jesus was fulfilling the prophecies. The crowd saw Jesus as the fulfillment of this prophecies, but they did not understand where Jesus’ kingship would lead him. Days later this same crowd shouted, “Crucify him!”

We too have expectations for what we think God should do to make life better, safer and more enjoyable. We all want to see an end to suffering and have justice in the world. Like the people on the road to Jerusalem that day, we have much to learn about Jesus death and resurection.

We must not let our personal desires catch up with us, we must remember that following Christ isn’t always easy or simple it too involves hard times and suffering even death.

This week put aside your personal desires and struggles and think about how Jesus must have felt knowing he was going to die soon. Life isn’t easy but sometimes you have to go through a bad time to get to the good times.