LENT Bible Plan – Day 39

Day 39 – Matthew 6:1-4, John 3:16
by Jason

To end this week we add in probably the most popular and well known verse of the whole Bible. It’s the verse we all know. It’s the gospel in one simple verse. This week we have been exploring a personal faith in this God who gave up His only Son in order to save you. I am not a parent yet either but hopefully in the next couple of years I will know what it feels like to have a precious son or daughter that I would do anything for. I know that any distance I have put between me and things I want to hold on to will diminish when I have something that precious.

God also had to give up His hold on His only Son for a bigger cause. In the final moments on the cross, Jesus shouted out ‘Lord, why have you forsaken me’. For Jesus to completely destroy death and have the power He had to save us, He had to have been separated from the Father. For Jesus to truly know what our loneliness can be, He had to experience that too. God had to give that up for just a moment.

What is it that you have been holding on to that you could let go of. It doesn’t mean you can’t have it, but it does mean you are giving God control over it. It could be a relationship that has finally started, a new device or game you have saved up for or something else you hold precious. Make sure it doesn’t become more important to you than your own relationship with God. The bigger picture is way more important.