LAST DAY- Philippians 3:10                                                                                           by Jazmine Higgins




Have you come closer to Christ during Lent and will you continue to follow him and get even closer to him after Lent?

Lent has been a time where most of us take something out of our busy lives and replace it with God. It’s a wonderful time to get close to God and see his works, but now that Lent is over what will happen when you can have that thing back? Will you forget God until you need him again or will you continue to pursue your relationship with him?

God’s plan for you isn’t finished yet, just because Lent is over and he has Risen it doesn’t mean you know everything you need to know and that you no longer need him anymore. It’s actually now you need him the most, so you will be able to continue to get know him more.

If you really want to continue this fast for Christ then ask him to show you how to continue and let him work through you.                  Christ gave his life for you, so why can’t you give something up to continue to follow him. Following Christ isn’t just about actions it’s so much more, like giving up your time to be with him.

So finally I want to encourage you to ask God to show you the way and how to continue following him.

Thank you so much for following this plan! We hope it helped you in your walk with Christ!