Day 14,15,16 – John 1:35-39                                                                                          by Jazmine Higgins

Terribly sorry that I haven’t written devotionals in a few days! Instead of writing so many I will simplify it for y’all and write 3 in 1

Have you every told anyone ” If you do this for me than you’ll be the Best but if you don’t then you’ll be the Worst”

Sometimes we tell God that, we tell him that if he does good things for us and prevents bad things from happening to us then will love him and follow him, but if he let’s bad things happen then he’s the worst and we can’t understand why he would do such a thing to us.

That’s like telling God that he has to follow us and do what we want and forget what he wants. Should we really be doing that to God?

God wants us to follow him because he is the BEST and he knows what we need because remember he made you and the plan for your life.

Think about if you are telling God to follow you or if You are following God… Don’t follow God to gain good things in life and other material things, follow him because he made you, died for you and LOVES YOU