Day 13 – John 1:35-39 + Psalm 63:1-2
by Jazmine Higgins

First off I apologise that today’s devotional is late!

We all want to feel secure and satisfied in life, so we do anything humanly possible to find that security/satisfaction. Some people find security/satisfaction through material things or media or through sex, drugs, alcohol and some through relationships and many other things. We try everything so that we will feel secure and complete but often those things only secure/satisfy us for a short time, what many don’t try is going to GOD for security and satisfaction.

We need remember ” I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land.”  Psalm 63:1

If you long for security and satisfaction go to God, because God alone can satisfy our deepest longings and make us feel secure and loved!  So if you know someone that is trying to find security and satisfaction in this insecure world try sharing Christ with them, you never know how God is working in them, you may be the perfect thing to start them off on their journey with God!