Christmas Bible Reading Plan 2015 – Day 20

Day 20 – Luke 1:39-56
by Meg

This passage follows immediately after Mary received and accepted the news that she was to give birth to the Son of God (the reading from 1st December). She now travels to see her relative Elizabeth, who is pregnant with John the Baptist.

The first thing we note is that the coming of Jesus brings joy – in v44 Elizabeth says “the baby in my womb leaped for joy”. Reflect for a time on the wonder that the God of Creation would come down to earth and be born as a human, just like us.

Consider also how Mary responds: she sings and glorifies God in praise. In her song she gives God glory for all that he has done. As we reflect on the amazing truth of Jesus’ birth, praise God for all that He has done. You might want to sing, write, draw or dance – whatever you do, spend time praising God today.

There’s one final thing I want to draw to your attention from this passage. In v45, Elizabeth blesses Mary as “she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished”. Because of Mary’s faith in God despite the impossible, the whole world was changed. Mary was just a young person, but she had faith that God would do what He said, and she was part of one of the most incredible events of all of history. Our faith in God can do so much more than we imagine.