Christmas Bible Reading Plan 2015 – Day 19

Day 19 – Isaiah 9:6/Zephaniah 3:14-15
by Jason

I think of all the titles and names that Jesus goes by, King and that of royality is the hardest for me to see Him as. Even coming from the UK, who have had a King or Queen for over 1000 years, in my life time the politics has been done by the Prime Minister, and the monarchy hasn’t been as active. At least not in the way that we read of Kings in the Old Testament or might see in medieval TV shows. So this is not surprising that I don’t relate to a monarchy so well.

Today our focus is on Jesus as a King and a ruler. The title, ‘Wonderful Counselor’ shows that Jesus is a King who will take action, and will rule in a way that all will marvel at Him. No wonder people who read this prophesy were expecting Jesus to arrive as a great and mighty King on chariots, and not in the humble way He did.

Jesus had to come the way He did in order to turn the old way of ruling on it’s head. To live amongst us, live as us, deal with what we deal with, and suffer how we suffer to really know us and empathise with us.

Think today, who is Jesus to you? what titles does he have that you relate best to, and which not so much? Then ask God to help you see Jesus in the ways you aren’t used to. This can be really helpful in our desire to grow closer to Him.