LENT Plan Day 4

Day 4 – Isaiah 43:19
by Jazmine

When I became a youth volunteer I never thought that I would be sitting writing devotionals for a Lent bible plan that I helped make. I never thought that I would become a youth intern and have such a strong passion to teach youth more about Christ.

Being a youth volunteer hasn’t always been easy; it comes with ups and downs and struggles. At first I think these are pointless, or that I am failing but once I think about who I am doing it for those tasks become easier to get through and have a purpose.

Maybe God is doing something new in you. It might seem hard but it could it be for something bigger than you can ever imagine. This can even be starting this Lent challenge or giving something up for Lent, or it could be that it’s all a first step to something huge. Ask God to show you through the hard times to this something new.

It can be hard but God is making something new and wonderful just keep going!