Mark 1:14-15+Mark4:17 DAY 23                                                                                    by Sarah Solie

Today reflect on Mark 1:14-15 also read Mark 4:17

Have you ever had the feeling of “I want to feel closer to Jesus, but I don’t know how to”? Well, in Mark 1:17, Jesus gives us the answer to how to solve that problem! Jesus calls Simon, Andrew, James and John to follow him. That’s all we have to do! But here’s where we run into a little roadblock, because Jesus isn’t really on earth anymore, so how are we supposed to follow him? A fantastic place to start is by reading through the Gospels. My freshman year of college, I was just starting to learn about how you can have a personal relationship with Jesus, and someone told me to just start reading in Matthew, and learn about what Jesus was like, as a person, and as the son of God. The act of reading the Gospels with that specific purpose in mind completely reshaped the way I see Jesus! Next time you read one of the Gospels, I hope you’ll envision yourself there with Jesus. Imagine what it would look/smell/sound like if you were there when Jesus performed miracles or gave sermons. Listen to the words he says, as if he’s talking to you.