Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 8

Matthew 1:18-25/Isaiah 7:14

(by Annie)

Reading today’s two texts together you realise the greatness of Gods plan. The part of Isaiah that todays text comes from was written sometime after 740 BC, when the prophets ministry started. That means, that God had at least 740 years (or since the fall) of planning before putting his big plan into action!

That’s a pretty long time…

I believe there are two reasons planning something takes long;

  1. The thing you’re planning isn’t very important to you, so you procrastinate for as long as you can (like planning a school project in your least favourite subject)
  2. The thing you’re planning is so extremely important you want to get every detail exactly right and make sure that nothing can go wrong (like planing your wedding)

I believe the reason it took so long for God to get his plan going was the second reason, the people on this earth, you, were so important to him. If you compare it to planing a wedding, we might need a year to plan our big day. But for God it wasn’t just one day in two people’s life that was at stake – it was the future of all his beloved children on earth throughout history! No wonder he needed a bit more time!