Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 6

Romans 15:12-13

(by Jason)

One of the common problems people have in 2014 is anxiety and worry. The world is a stressful place at the moment and it is hard to find a sense of hope when we look at the news on TV.

However our verses today talk of a hope, joy and peace that Jesus brought with Him. Coming to the end of term, a lot of you will be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of assignments, essays and projects, and that might bring with it a sense of peace in your own lives. Hope is something that we look forward too, a time of peace, when the craziness of life can give you a break.

Think today about what kind of things you hope for in the future? God wants us to look forwards and hope for the future, and even more, trust him with our future. It can be hard to not look back, but the message of the Cross is one of hope and grace, that allows us to forget the past and look forwards and hope for a better future.

Try looking in your bibles at where else it talks about ‘Hope’. After all, it’s one of the 3 things that will remain in the end.