Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 29

Isaiah 54:10

(by Jason)

Enjoy todays verses. They talk about just how much God loves you and me individually. Think about how the writer Isaiah uses extremes to show you that God’s love is unfailing, and His love for us cannot be shaken.

When we think about it, only our love for God is shaken. It could be because we are feeling down some days, we might be struggling with something, or just feel great. But as I have said before. Love is choice more that it is a feeling, and the more we focus on God and His greatness, the more we can return this unfailing love.

Spend some time just thanking God for how much He loves you, and think about some of the things He has done for you in 2014. Try making a list if it is easier. But you might be surprised how much God has shown His love without us knowing at the time.