Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 10

Mark 12:28-30

(by Annie)

Today’s reading is another New Testament classic. Here Jesus is asked the greatest commandment in the Jewish law. Jesus replies by quoting Deut. 6:4, a passage that is sometimes described as the Jewish creed (summary of beliefs). Then he adds something of his own; ’love your neighbour as yourself’. As a conclusion we have two very basic and important commands here!

Today we are going to focus on the second statement, but maybe not the way we might naturally think (loving other people) but on the fact that in order to love others we also have to love ourselves. Being human, and maybe especially a human teenager, loving yourself can be very difficult! In my early teens I used to really hate everything about myself, I couldn’t see any positives with my personality or my looks. But what Jesus says here is that loving ourself is just as important as loving other people, intact it’s even more important because until we start loving ourselves we are unable to love other people.

So today, if you are struggling with loving yourself, take some time to ask God to show you all the amazing things he has put in you; in your personality and in your physical appearance. And if you are really struggling, drop me a text, because I’m sure I can come up with at least 10 for each and every one of you – you are amazing young people with so much to give the world!