Christmas Bible Reading Plan 2015 – Day 3

Day 3. John 1:9-12
(by Jason)

John makes a point in todays passage that makes me think a little bit deeper. The fact that the world did not recognise Jesus, despite the signs being there, the miracles. The maker of the Earth was not recognised in his own creation. If that was me, I’d be a little upset and even ask a few questions, but then I am not God, and He had other ways to deal with this.

How can it be that the people of Israel didn’t recognise Jesus when He arrived? Fear and denial: The fact this is actually happening, the moment that has been talked about for centuries was finally here in their lifetime? Or for some it might have been they had gotten so distracted with their own lives that they hadn’t stopped to see what was really going on around them and missed it completely.

The reward for this is clear, that they became Children of God. How is your Christmas season looking this year? Homework up to your eyeballs? Christmas shopping lists you want to get through and not sure how you can afford it? The challenge of cooking the Christmas dinner for so many people? Don’t get too distracted this year that you don’t have time to stop, think and ponder on what this festival called Christmas is really about. I pray that your Christmas will be the most special this year as a result of this.