Christmas Bible Reading Plan 2015 – Day 25

Merry Christmas! God Jul!
by Jason

In Sweden, if you celebrated the Swedish way, then most of the celebrating would have happened yesterday, and today might be more of a restful day. Or you may be opening presents today.

One of the presents I gave this year I won in a competition and I realised that someone I knew would like the prize more than me. And it wasn’t too easy to win it, and I went to a lot more trouble than just going into a shop and exchanging it for money. In some ways I feel I put way more effort into that present that I did the ones I bought.

Either way, take some time today to focus on Jesus, and be thankful for that gift most of all. God went to a lot of trouble and effort to give us that gift, and it is to be enjoyed and thankful for. What really can be more enjoyable than eternal life?