Christmas Bible Reading Plan 2015 – Day 23

Day 23 – Matthew 1:20-21/John 14:27

by Jason

Today we have two very short verses that both focus on ‘Do not be afraid ‘. We have focused on this a little at youth group this term, but one thing I noticed with the way it is said is both of these passages is closer to saying, ‘Do not be afraid of what the future will bring if you go down this harder route, if you follow God’s ways.’

The trouble with our own plans a lot of the time is that they are very safe, and comfortable. I should know, I’ve made too many of these plans when I was younger. Which plan for my life will give me the most financial security, what will give me the most success, how can I get the most fame? But I realised these aren’t the questions I should be asking.

Jesus does not give plans like these, because He is interested in something far more important. He is interested how we love each other, and treat each other, He is interested in what we prioritise in life, and the rest of it will come from that.

This time of year is amazing, as we looked at in church last week, when our love for each other is more evident. But it can also bring about a fear. Maybe some family relationships aren’t so amazing and you are afraid of a big conflict over the Christmas turkey, maybe your family is without someone special this year and you are afraid how to cope or not sure if you can at all.

Ask Jesus to give you strength this year for these moments, and as you look forwards to the year ahead. Pray for those you know who are in those situations too.