Christmas Bible Reading Plan 2015 – Day 10

Psalm 119:105-106
By Lizzy

Today’s verses are so simple but at the same time so profound to living a life that not only pleases the Lord but also brings joy to you. The Holy Bible (the Word) is what God has given us to know how to live, to offer us comfort, to understand history and know about the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Right now we are in the darkest month of the year here in Sweden. It’s not uncommon to leave your house in the morning to go to school in the dark and come home in the dark. Not only is it a very dark physically here in Sweden but also spiritually. Many of you might be the only Christian in your class or maybe in your family, which can be very tough at times. I remember being in school here in Sweden and often times was made fun of for going to church every Sunday and youth group every Wednesday.

As tough as it can be at time to be a Christian in this dark place, don’t forget that God is the one who illuminates your steps before you. He sees the trials you go through and he is the one who will give you strength (especially if you stick to reading His Word) to get through them. Allow Him to be your guide through life and allow his Word to be the light in this dark world.