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Support Ukraine

We want to support Ukraine!

There is war in the Ukraine, just a few hours from our country’s borders and people are fleeing for their lives. The need is great and people lack food, warm clothes and transportation. Above all, they live in fear of everything that happens. It is easy to feel helpless in the face of these great needs and all the need we can see, therefore we as a church want to encourage the following actions:

  • Pray:  We believe in the possibility of prayer and want to pray together for the people of Ukraine and all who are fighting for peace in and around Ukraine. We urge all our members to ask for protection and peace.
  • Give: Swish your gift to parish no. 123 268 41 32 and mark with “Ukraine”. The gift goes to the Equmeniakyrkan disaster fund. Your contribution will be used to support the reception of Ukrainian refugees, among other things, in Moldova, but also to the European Baptist Federation and their already established contacts inside Ukraine, supporting internally displaced persons. Here you can read more:
  • Housing: If you have the opportunity to share part of your home to a refugee from Ukraine, we want to encourage you to report it to  “Hjärterum for Ukraine” at the “Räddningmissionen”, for which we are one of the representatives. The “Räddningsmission” is used to helping and providing shelter for people in need. Click this link to sign up:

-Food, medicine and clothes: We have already had the opportunity to help by sending a container of hospital supplies to Ukraine, which has now reached Lviv. We have also been able to contribute food with a shipment that was sent 7/3. Via “Barnmarknaden”(Children’s Fair at the Equmeniakyrkan), we will also be able to donate children`s and teenage clothes to Ukrainian refugees who are already in Sweden. The surplus from this year’s Children’s Fair will go to Ukraine and school projects in Ecuador.

As the needs change, we will update the information here on the website. We also have a dialogue with congregations in our vicinity and the “Räddningsmission” about how we can help together.

For original information in Swedish, visit:

Christmas Bible Reading Plan – Day 21

Luke 1:39-56

(by Jason)

Today we read a part of the story we might not be so familiar with. After the angel visited Mary, she went and visited her friend Elizabeth, who was the mother of John the Baptist and 6 months pregnant with Him. In the story it talks about John leaping for joy in Elizabeth’s womb, already recognising there was something special with Jesus, despite him not even being born. Amazing, isn’t it?

When you read through todays passage (a little longer than previous ones), think about the excitement that must have been going through all of their minds and hearts, and look to the exciting times we have in the next few days. Enjoy getting excited about Christmas, it’s one of the best times of the year!