The Youth Group

During the two hour duration of the youth group we eat a meal prepared by parents that have volunteered for about half an hour. During the meals the youth get to socialize with each other, about the past week and anything that has happened.

Then after the half hour has passed, we play a game. The games vary, the main favourites amongst the youth are dodgeball, mafia, sardines and manhunt. Some of the games are physical, as in we run and chase each other and some are sitting down, like mafia, we play the games for half an hour.

When we are done with the games we go upstairs and are lead in a discussion about different sections of the bible and how they apply to our lives. We get to do minor activities that help that help us learn. We always finish off with prayer.

Written by a member of the Youth Group

Wednesday: 6pm-8pm
Ages: 11/12-18

Loving God, Loving People