This age group, 10-12s or grades 4 to 6, is a time  where children start to make their own choices, and don’t always have much to base those choices on, and some end up losing interest in church. (Those on the fringes will be included on the leadership teams discretion)

This group will be on a Sunday morning, and with the help of my young leaders and volunteers, we will be teaching them how to read the Bible and get the most out of it, looking at some of the questions they have and other relevant topic for their age.

Along with this they will also be given study bibles which will be relevant for them. My hope for this group is that they  grow to be the next generation of youth at Fishers Creek.

This group will start in the New Year on a Sunday morning, and wednesday evenings as a part of youth group. On a Wednesday the whole group will eat together and then split into their own groups for games and teaching.

Loving God, Loving People